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Links for 12/12/19

Political news and commentary roundup: Tom Steyer has bad ideas; William Barr is lying; media needs to check its slant when it comes to the presidential race; St. Anselm's monks are not happy with their college's trustees; Matthew Sitman takes down the Catholic right

In 'Endangered Earth' exhibit, artists confront climate change

This modest but exemplary exhibition at the Ceres Gallery in Manhattan offers one of our resources for survival in the face of environmental degradation — the artistic imagining of our plight.

The 25 best prayers of the decade

Think of this less as a true "25 best prayers" list, which is impossible for any human to assemble, and more of a "25 prayers that brought me closer to God over the past 10 years" list.

Chicago guidelines raise role, or lack thereof, of eulogies in Catholic funerals

The Chicago document doesn't exactly break new ground in its recommendations, but it does put heavy stipulations on how a eulogy can be given. This rule draws a firm line through a sensitive pastoral context, in which grieving families are processing their loss and navigating how to say goodbye. 

Mother of the Americas

Pencil Preaching for Thursdy, December 12, 2019

Coalition cites lack of medical treatment in migrant children's deaths

An interfaith coalition, including Rep. Joaquin Castro, held a Dec. 9 candlelight vigil outside the national headquarters for U.S Customs and Border Protection to draw attention to immigration enforcement policies that they say have led to chlidren's deaths.

Abuse survivor sues Vatican, wants 'sweeping child protection changes'

John Bellocchio, 37, who claims former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick abused him when he was a teenager, announced at a Dec. 9 news conference the he is suing the Vatican and demanding "sweeping child protection changes."

Indonesian bishops to take steps to address claims of sexual abuse

The Indonesian bishops will take steps to address claims in a Catholic media report that dozens of people have been abused in Catholic institutions across the country, said a bishops' conference official.

30 years later, Eastern Europeans reflect on post-communist transformation

Eastern Europe is marking the anniversary of the end of communist rule. Amid prosperity, some wonder how stable the foundations are in a continent still recovering from its infamous East-West divide. 

Remembering Sallie McFague: Eco-theologian was a gift to our understanding of God

Sallie McFague was not Catholic, but her work in eco-feminist theology influenced generations of Catholic theologians and students.