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High court won't hear states' appeals over defunding Planned Parenthood

Pro-life leaders said they were disappointed the U.S. Supreme Court declined Dec. 10 to hear appeals from Kansas and Louisiana on lower court rulings that have stopped the states from blocking Medicaid funds going to Planned Parenthood.

U.S. returns church bells to Philippines after more than 100 years

After more than a century, the United States government has returned three church bells swiped by American forces as war booty from the central Philippine town of Balangiga.

Advent celebrates living in the present, savoring the now

This year I'm startled that decorations seem to be up a week or so earlier than past years. It's as if everybody said together, "Light up the night with brilliant color. Say no to fear and darkness." 

Consolation comes even in martyrdom, pope says

God sends his consolation to those in need of reassurance, even when they are facing death, Pope Francis said.

No 'church of nice' for Church Militant

Beyond the intra-church skirmishing, much of the Church Militant operation acts like any other news operation, but it remains a counterweight to the widespread consensus that has emerged in much of the Christian world.

When bishops said 'yes' to war, Ben Salmon said 'no'

Perspective: While World War I changed what war itself could be, it also began a change in how the church's leadership and laity thought about war, the United States, and Catholics' role in both.  

Links for 12/11/18

Michael Sean Winters rounds up political news and commentary: Call to save D.C.'s Providence Hospital; debt-free college will cost progressives; Heisman winner apologizes; Tecate dignifies migrants

Francis, the comic strip

Francis, the comic strip: It seems Francis himself has recognized the humor inherent in being pope. "Francis," the comic strip, picks up on that cue.

Advent devotionals, abbreviated edition

Eco Catholic: Speedup is everywhere in our culture and our lives. This season, consider doing a briefer Advent devotional. You can declare an Advent wait, fully achieved.

'Creed II' offers meditations on fatherhood

In addition to a being an inspiring, overcoming-obstacles sports film, "Creed II" also serves as an extended reflection on different aspects, stages and challenges of fatherhood.